Parkeringshjälp Valeo BEEP & PARK 3 Bak akustisk, optisk

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Parkeringshjälp beep & park 3

Ultraljudssensorerna på den bakre stötfångaren känner av hinder bakom fordonet så snart man lägger i backväxeln. Avstånd till hindret bakom fordonet signaliseras genom en varningssignal. Ju mer fordonet närmar sig hindret, desto kortare avstånd mellan varningssignalerna.


Kit n°3 — rear detection system
This kit consists of four rear sensors and a control screen. It is compatible with vehicles equipped with a coupling system.

The 'Beep & Park' park assist system by Valeo, far from being a mere accessory, seems destined for a brilliant future on the aftermarket.

A genuine need
Reduced visibility behind and in front of the vehicle, smaller and smaller parking places, painted bumpers that are more attractive but more liable to damage from minor impacts, constantly rising repair costs… To motorists, these inconveniences are so many reasons to equip their vehicle with a park assist system.

To offer drivers peace of mind in all parking maneuvers, Valeo has created 'Beep & Park', a complete line of park assist systems that are compatible with any vehicle.

Audio signal
Using ultrasound sensors, the onboard system detects any obstacle behind or in front of the vehicle (other vehicles, pedestrians, curbstones, etc) and informs the driver of its proximity with an audio signal that intensifies and becomes continuous when the vehicle comes within 30 cm of the object.

A control screen installed over the central rearview mirror or on the dashboard supplements the information by indicating the distance and location of the obstacle (front or back; right or left).

With 'Beep & Park', the vehicle can be parked quickly and easily in complete safety.

The diagnostic function on the screen indicates any malfunction in the system and identifies the defective sensor.

Easy installation, smooth integration
With their small size and wide range of colors, the sensors allow discreet integration in the bumpers without affecting the overall look of the vehicle.

As speed of installation is of great importance for both customers and installers, Valeo has created 'ready to use' kits containing all the elements needed for installation by a professional (a drill adapted to the diameter of the sensors, connectors, screws, and cerflex), a single wire harness to simplify assembly and clear, detailed instructions.

Valeo's 'Beep & Park' kits are available at very attractive rates from auto supply centers and independent repair shops.
  • Visning av avstånds- och hinderposition
  • Passar för fordon med dragkrok
  • Sensorer 20 mm Ø
I leveransen ingår
  • Inkl. monteringshål
  • Skarvdon
  • Kabelgrimmor
  • Skruvar.
Antal sensorer4 bakmonterade sensorer
Backvarningssystemet komponenter (kategorisering)Parkeringshjälp
Driftspänning12 V
Drifttemperaturområde-40 till +85 °C
Montering (i bil)Monteringsensorer
Sensor-räckvidd (max.)160 cm
Sensor-räckvidd (min)0 cm
Signaliseringakustisk, optisk
Ström300 mA
Trådlös - Sändare räckvidd max.160 cm
VisningHögtalare och LCD-skärm